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A List Of 25 Dissertation Topics Related To Hospital Administration

The hospital is an integral part of the public welfare system in all governments. Hence, it is also an educationally relevant undertaking to include the concept of administering a hospital in the syllabus. Regardless of the discipline, the topic of hospital administration has always been a rather important one and rightly so. Spreading awareness regarding an individual’s rights to proper and inexpensive healthcare is an absolute must in this day and age. Students are, thus, being encouraged to take up this topic as the subject matter of their dissertations.

  1. Keeping up with medical advancements
  2. The aim of a dissertation, concerning the field of medicine, should be to impart a better understanding of the developments that have taken place in the field from both a scientific as well as a managerial viewpoint. The technicalities should be properly explained in layman’s terms while, in the meantime, maintaining a scientific approach to the topic. The data should be properly analysed and organised so as to make it easier for the reader to go through the paper.

  3. Topics to cover
  4. Hospital administration is a very nuanced matter and as such invites a ton of research and questions, such as the likes of:

    • The Government’s role in enhancing the accessibility of proper healthcare facilities.
    • Should politics be kept aloof from hospitals?
    • Financial and qualitative distinction between healthcare settings in developed and developing countries.
    • Are NGOs doing a better job of imparting healthcare to the masses than the Government?
    • The ill effects of employing overworked and underpaid staff in hospitals.
    • Should the hospital administration be handed over to the public or private sector?
  5. Quantitative Analysis
  6. A good way to improve the credibility of a research paper on hospital administration is to include statistical and numerical data. Including the governmental expenditure on healthcare, the institution’s contribution to the financial growth of an economy, its effectiveness in dealing with emergency situations and its success rate in handling the victims of natural or man-made disasters all constitute important data that should absolutely be included as an extremely pivotal part of the thesis paper.

  7. Suggestions and recommendations
  8. The student’s suggestions on how to further improve the hospital setting creates a lasting impression in the mind of the person reviewing his paper. It shows that he, actually, has given much thought to the matter and is genuinely concerned with the upliftment of healthcare facilities. The student can also quote eminent personalities and their views on the matter.

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