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Where Can I Find Fresh Criminology Dissertation Ideas?

Several criminology students find it extremely difficult to find their relevant subject ideas on the internet. The field of criminology progressed a lot in the last few years. So, obviously students don’t find loads of research done on the topic of criminology. Most of the topics for a dissertation you will find will be relatively new with a lot of scope for research. But, the research today in the field of criminology has been a lot easier as there are a number of reputable sites which offers extremely good dissertation ideas in the field of criminology. There are many sites where you can search for some effective criminology ideas on the web for writing a dissertation.

Fresh criminology dissertation ideas:

Following are some of the hottest and more fresh ideas for writing a dissertation on criminology:

  • Voting rights for prisoners – It is a very broad topic where the writer has the liberty to discuss a lot of things with respect to the rights of prisoners. If researched well, then this topic can earn you very good grades in your criminology dissertation. The writers should discuss all the legal and ethical issues regarding the criminals and their right to vote.

  • Strain theory – A growing issue of the Afro-Caribbean communities in London – It is a huge phenomenon spreading throughout the UK, but London is the city in the main firing line. Students should research well about the history of Afro-Caribbean communities and how they became part of London.

  • Anti-Muslim hate crime due to 9/11 attacks – it is probably the easiest topic for students to research as this topic is in news for so many years. Were the Muslims mistaken or they were wrongly framed on to the international scene. Students can get a lot of theory and literature regarding this topic and they will never get short of points and ideas if they choose this topic for their criminology dissertation.

  • Prisoners working under detention – This topic has a good scope and so many ideas can be conceived. Every writer here can have his own opinion about the kind of work they undertake and also discuss about the wages they get. Are they paid good enough money or not?

  • Social acceptance of shoplifting in some communities – A lot of societies of the developing economies today take shoplifting as not a big crime. Are they right in thinking this way or there is a problem in the social system?

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