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How to use the APA format for a dissertation properly

What is the APA Format for research papers?

  • APA means American Psychology Association.
  • APA form of writing is normally used for research papers in psychology, sociology, humanities, and social sciences.
  • APA format determines how the quoted materials in the research paper will be cited in the bibliography section and list of references section of the dissertation.
  • The general format for the APA style for citing sources is as follows:
    1. Last Name, First Name of author
    2. Title of Source
    3. Publication Date of Source
    4. Publisher of Source
    5. APA style form is very simple and easy to use in a dissertation paper.

What is the general format of the dissertation using the APA writing style?

The dissertation should contain the following sections with APA style:

  1. Title Page: Title of dissertation, name of student, class name, and date.
  2. Abstract: gives a brief description of what will be discussed in the dissertation thesis.
  3. Introduction: gives a brief description of the topic, provides the thesis statement, and outlines the main points of the topic.
  4. Table of Contents: lets the reader know the page number for the main parts of the dissertation thesis.
  5. The Body of the Paper: Details the supporting facts and supporting evidence for the writer’s position on the topic.
  6. Findings and Facts: gives a brief summary of the results of all tests, experiments, surveys, and questionnaires used to prove or disprove the writer’s viewpoint on the topic.
  7. Graphs and Figures: charts, figures, and graphs are used to outline the results of all the tests, experiments, and surveys done to prove or disprove the writer’s position.
  8. Methodology: Gives information on how the tests, experiments, and surveys were conducted and completed.
  9. Terminology: defines certain terms that the reader may not understand or know the meaning of.
  10. Conclusion: Gives a summary of the introduction, thesis statement, findings of all tests and experiments, and wraps up the dissertation thesis.
  11. Bibliography: Gives a list of all the sources, materials, and resources used and cited in the dissertation thesis.
  12. List of References: Secondary sources, materials, and resources used and cited in the dissertation.
  13. Appendix: Non-published sources and materials used by the writer in the dissertation thesis.
  • The dissertation should have a word count from 5,000 words to 20,000 words.
  • The dissertation should be from ten pages to fifty pages long.
  • The dissertation thesis should be double-spaced, each page numbered, and margins should be 1 inch all around.

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