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English Literature Dissertation Ideas: Topics You Should Never Use

Okay, your time in college is almost at an end. No more lectures, no more assignments, no more alcohol; all you have to do is write a good English literature dissertation. This is, however, no easy task. You could be the best writer in your college and still fail due to a lousy topic. So, how do you know if you've chosen a good dissertation topic? What makes one a poor and ill advised choice? We're here to help you distinguish a good English literature dissertation topic from a bad one in this list of three English literature dissertation topics you should never (ever) use.

  1. William Shakespeare: A comparison of his sonnets and plays.   

    • I recall my brother briefly considering this topic for his English literature dissertation. No sooner had he thought of it, he realised it was a doomed topic.

    • In his time, Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets and close to forty plays (the number varies depending which conspiracy theorist you ask.) To use this dissertation topic, one would  have to have an almost Rain Man like memory of Shakespeare' work. It would involve combing through his plays and sonnets searching for similarities and noteworthy differences.

  2. The influence of Ernest Hemingway in the modern world.

    • While Hemingway undoubtedly left a lasting impression on literature, it is hard to find any trace of the author's influence in the modern world. Perhaps this is due to the increasingly "politically correct" atmosphere which leaves little room for the bold, unflinching style of Ernest Hemingway.

    • It should be noted that Hemingway was a pessimist. He was (or seemed to be) under the persuasion that nothing man did was of any importance because ultimately, he died. One has to question the morals of going against Hemingway's beliefs and using him as a dissertation topic.

  3. The importance of text language.

    • Text language is the single most significant change in literature of the pat two decades. I'm not against using text language, but the person correcting your dissertation might be.

    • Remember, this is a person who adores English literature. They probably despise text language so it may not be a good idea to write a paper telling them how great it is.  

And that's that. Three English literature dissertation topics you should never use. I should point out that this is simply my opinion; you might do something great with these topics... Spoiler: You won't.

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