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How to write an effective thesis: following the professors guidelines

Writing a thesis can be tough if you have no clue where to begin with or who to ask. However, many professors are very helpful when it comes to dissertation and thesis and give complete guidelines so that the student is not carried away, confused, or stressed while attempting the paper. if you want to do your thesis on your own and do not think you will need the help of your professor then you are completely wrong. Even if you have written thesis papers in the past, you still don’t have as strong hold over the subject as your professor. They are experienced and have been doing this since long. They can easily tell you in advance what kind of mistakes are you most likely to make. If you want to write a thesis that earns you good grades and leaves an impression on the reader, it is important that you follow the guidelines of your professor

  • Follow the format
  • One of the most critical parts of writing a thesis or any academic paper is its format. If you ignore the format and arrange the paper according to your own liking, the chances are that it will be rejected. Teachers assign the format so that they can easily compare and check the papers submitted by all the students. If every student follows a different format, it will get impossible for the teacher to check and mark the paper

  • Remember the guidelines
  • Make sure you have the guidelines with you in a written format and paste it somewhere you can see while writing the thesis. Eventually you will learn them by heart and it will become easier for you to write the paper according to the guidelines. Never ignore a guideline or consider it negligible. If your professor has mentioned it, there must be a reason behind

  • Don’t hesitate to ask
  • Never do that! Students who ask more tend to learn more. If you feel shy about asking questions then your confusion will never be resolved and you will face hindrance in writing the thesis.

  • Get creative
  • There is always some room for creativity in any piece of writing. Use your brains and bring interesting ideas into your thesis but always know your boundaries.

To be able to follow the guidelines closely you will have to

  • Keep in constant contact with the professor
  • Be open to learning

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