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MBA Dissertation Topics: A Useful Guide For Newbie

MBA dissertation guide for newbie:

The dissertation is a mandatory requirement for attaining your MBA degree. There isn’t any alternate for that and you are required to submit a legitimate dissertation, which not only meets the dissertation standards, but it must reflect your research skills and knowledge as well. Further, it must be good enough to help you get your degree. The process starts by submitting a dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal is a detailed document where you explain to your supervisor that what exactly you are looking to do in your dissertation. It is the place where you lay the foundation of your dissertation and it is the space where you can impress your supervisor as well. If he is satisfied with your proposal, then he will accept it and allow you to further carry on with your research. He may also ask you to make some revisions if there is something not in order. Further, it is also a possibility that he completely rejects your proposal and asks you to do an entirely new one. In such situations, deadlines play an important role. You must submit the required work well within the time given. For any difficulties and problems, internet can be your best mate and you must use it to the best of your needs.

MBA dissertation topics:

The MBA dissertation topics must always be selected very intelligently. You need to research well and should pick a topic which you think can have a great scope of research. The following are some of the hottest topics for writing a dissertation in MBA:

  • Employees’ motivation and workplace stress management.
  • How can the micro-finance institutes help the agricultural industry of a particular region?
  • What are the benefits of commercial banking in the financial industry?
  • A regional comparison of product and the price market.
  • How global market can help to boost your business?
  • How big is the role of advertising in the marketing campaign of your product?
  • How effectively you can apply the ‘Marketing Mix’ theory in your business or product’s promotion.
  • The benefits of global patent policy harmonization for your business.
  • What are the security threats in the electronic transaction of your business products and services?
  • How can you effectively manage the employees’ hierarchy of your business?
  • What is the difference between the marketing of your product in developed economies as compared with the developing economies?

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