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Creating Unique Architecture Dissertation Topics

Picking a topic for your dissertation can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for in a topic.  But there are some thinks that you can take into consideration before you select a topic.

How To Choose Your Architecture Dissertation Topic

  • What are you interested in, in your field of study?  Picking a topic that you are interested in is easier to do because then your dissertation won’t be boring or just random facts on a subject.

  • Look at the information that is available for the topic.  You don’t want to pick a topic that has very little research on it.  You dissertation has to be a lot pages and if you don’t have enough information of the topic then you won’t have a dissertation.

  • Do your research on the topics that have been done before, you don’t want to do a topic that has been done a lot, that won’t make your topic unique.

  • Make sure all the research that you do is the research that you professor/advisor want you to do.  You don’t want to do a ton of research and then find out that the research is no good.

Unique Architecture Dissertation Topics

  • Gothic Architecture: Gothic architecture is popular in old buildings in Europe but because of its beauty it is starting to be built in modern day houses and other buildings.  You can look at the history or anything else that has to do with the topic.

  • Weather Affects To Architecture: Weather can affect all kinds of things including how well a building will hold up.  You can look at what architects are doing to help correct this problem or how the weather affects different structures.

  • Landscape Architecture: Landscape architecture is just as beautiful as building but is can be hard to tell the difference between the two.  You can use this to talk about the different types of architecture out there.

  • Tourism Centers & Sports Complexes: These pieces of architecture can be beautiful to look at and are impressively built.  You can look at the design and other aspects that go into building these building.

  • Solar Energy With Architecture: Use solar energy is a new invention that most building and houses are starting to incorporate into the design.  You can take this topic and talk about how this affects the design and so on.

  • Environmental Limitations Of Architecture: Talking about the limitations that the environment can have on building different types of architecture can be an interesting topic to do your dissertation on.

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