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The 10 Best Education-Related Dissertation Topics To Consider

When you are writing a dissertation on the subject of education, you need to come up with an interesting and original topic that will allow you to contribute something into the field with your research. The value of your contribution will determine the value of your work, so be sure to focus on the research that is actually important for the progress of this particular field of study.

Here are a few ideas you can use if you cannot think of anything particularly interesting:

  1. Does the current pre-school education system equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed academically?
  2. Analyze the statistics of academic performance to answer this question. Be sure to offer your own suggestions on how to improve the pre-school system.

  3. Do the children that go to pre-schools have an actual advantage over those who don’t?
  4. You will need to study the statistics of several years in order to determine whether the advantage, if there is any, is consistent. If it’s not, determine the reasons behind the change and their connection to the fact whether the child has attended a pre-school.

  5. How early should pre-schooling start.
  6. Consider both psychological and physiological factors when answering this question. Develop an education plan acceptable for pre-schoolers of the age you consider the most appropriate.

  7. Children today should start studying money management and business from primary school.
  8. Offer your reasons as well as study plan that will break down these concepts for children so young.

  9. Should the testing standards be lowered to ensure that more children pass?
  10. State your position on the subject of standardized tests and explain why you believe them to be efficient or inefficient. Is it really important if a child fails or passes this test?

  11. Are co-ed schools more efficient?
  12. Study the statistics on academic success from different types of schools and use these numbers as evidence for your argument.

  13. Apprenticeship and vocational programs are more efficient than college classes.
  14. Use some real life examples to prove your point. Be sure to explain what apprenticeship and vocational programs entail and what the possibilities for employment they provide.

  15. Schools need to focus on personality development more.
  16. Explain what you consider to be personality development and how this particular goal can be achieved in a school environment.

  17. Why is there a shortage of students in universities?
  18. Offer your suggestions to solving this problem and explain what consequences it can lead to in a few decades.

  19. Do people with university education lack in practical experience?
  20. Be sure to use some real life examples to make your arguments more solid.

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