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4 Helpful Suggestions On How To Buy A Dissertation Without Risk

Dissertations are one of the largest and most expensive papers to buy from custom services. Naturally, the risks are much higher than when you order an essay. But when students are stuck writing a thesis and don't have enough time to complete it on their own, they tend to buy their dissertation from online services. Always use legitimate companies and here are suggestions below to mitigate all risks.

  1. Look for reviews.
  2. Before you decide to use a dissertation service, do a quick online research. Google its name in combination with the word “reviews.” If there are many negative comments, or those exposing this service as a fraud, it is better not to use it. Although reviews on the Internet do not give a 100% guarantee that a website is good or vice versa, they are a quick snapshot of writing quality.

  3. Talk to your writer.
  4. A reliable service would allow you to choose your writer and chat with him or her through the messaging system. Do not rely entirely on the manager’s claim that all their writers are experts. Communicate with the writer directly. Ask what academic degree he or she has, and what their own dissertation was about. Try to find this paper online; it would give you an idea of how good your writer actually is. Also, you might prepare a couple of questions in your subject area to ask the writer in order to test their level of expertise.

  5. Buy a test chapter.
  6. Rather than paying for your whole dissertation at once, order it by parts. For example, place your first order on the literature review only. After you receive it, show it to your supervisor for feedback. If the writer’s job proves to be good, you can safely order all the subsequent chapters from him or her. If the quality is disappointing, you can demand another writer, or just leave for a different service. Even in the worst case, you will lose much less money and time than if you bought the whole paper.

  7. Be ready to help your writer access the necessary information.
  8. Often disregarded, this aspect might put the successful completion of your paper at huge risk. However professional the writing team is, without the access to certain information, they simply can’t do their job. Always send your dissertation guidelines and requirements to the writer. A number of sources required to use in your paper might not be available anywhere online, expect for university databases with student-only access. Consider providing the writer with your library login and password. If you would rather not share your account, download these articles or textbooks and send them as PDFs.

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