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Vital tips on how to write a PhD paper proposal? 

What is a PhD paper proposal?

A PhD paper proposal is the first step in writing your dissertation.  The proposal lets your professor know what you would like your topic to be for your dissertation. It gives a general overview of the topic, main points, and how your dissertation shall be written.  It helps your professor determine whether or not the topic chosen for your dissertation would be worth writing about.  It allows the professor to give you suggestions for other topics that may be good to write about as well.  The PhD paper proposal gives you, the student, and a synopsis of how your dissertation should be written, what should be discussed, and how you should approach the writing on the topic.

Vital tips for writing a PhD paper proposal:

Here are a few vital tips to consider when writing your PhD paper proposal:

  • Ensure that your dissertation proposal is written per your professor’s instructions.

  • Ensure that you select a topic that is current, trendy, and worth writing about in your dissertation proposal and the dissertation paper.

  • You should always start work on your dissertation proposal and dissertation paper as soon as possible.  The earlier the better.

  • Ensure that the PhD paper proposal is short, sweet, simple, and straight to the point.  You should not begin to write the dissertation paper at this stage until your professor approves your PhD paper proposal.

  • Ensure that you include the title, topic, and a few main points that will be discussed in your dissertation paper.

  • You should state the research that will be conducted concerning the topic choice for your dissertation paper.

  • The PhD paper proposal should not be longer than 50 pages.

  • The PhD paper proposal should include the following parts:

    • Introduction
    • Thesis statement or thesis question
    • Literature that will be used for dissertation
    • Methodology on how you will do your research for the dissertation
    • Bibliography of all the references that will be used for your dissertation paper.

  • You should review other students’ dissertation proposals to get a good feel on how you should write your PhD paper proposal.

  • Stay in touch with the academic committee who will be reviewing your dissertation proposal and dissertation paper.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for assistance and suggestions in writing your PhD paper proposal.

  • Remember to use your time wisely when writing your PhD paper proposal.

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