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How to Write Your Dissertation: 10 Hints that You Should Use

Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task, even for good students if they don’t plan well before the start of writing. Planning is the main key when a student begins to write his dissertation. Following are the 10 useful hints that can be very helpful if you consider them while writing your dissertation:

  1. Start thinking about your research topic as early as possible. Read the guidelines of the dissertation given by your institution and try to focus your topic research within that guideline.

  2. Keeping records of all your reading and research of the topics is very essential. It will help you a great deal when you have to finalize your topic in order to start writing your dissertation. Further, keeping the records might also help you in giving the references in your actual dissertation, which is a must in all the institutions.

  3. The input from your supervisor is critical. Always take his opinion in every major decision that you take regarding your dissertation.

  4. Don’t try to be too ambitious when researching about your dissertation topic. It is ideal to keep your focus as narrow as possible, rather than all the time thinking out of the box. Such approach wouldn’t get you anywhere closer to choosing a particular topic for your research.

  5. Once you select a particular topic, then think about your hypothesis, research questions and your aims and objectives regarding your dissertation. You should think at this stage as how your readers would go to perceive your dissertation. Creating a timetable for writing your dissertation is extremely important to meet your deadlines.

  6. Research well about your research methods, which can answer your research questions in a very efficient manner.

  7. You should have a logical reason and a valid justification for making any choice and selection to become part of your dissertation. Every selection should have a good academic reason behind it. It is important to help the readers of your dissertation and also when you have to give a presentation on your dissertation.

  8. Limitations of your research should be given their due importance. Based on your dissertation limitations, you should write accordingly about your findings.

  9. Don’t worry about unexpected results as sometimes they are very valuable when you are writing a research based dissertation.

  10. You should spare enough time for editing and proofreading.

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