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A List Of Interesting Undergraduate Dissertation Topics In Law

The ease or difficulty in writing an undergraduate dissertation in law will depend on the topic you choose. There are numerous areas you can choose to base your paper on. However, not all will enable you to get the high mark you are looking for. This is why you may need to use custom dissertation services for help. There are a few considerations you need to make in order to get the most appropriate topic.

Make is specific

Your topic should focus on a particular issue instead of being a generalization. This enables you to expose sufficient details that will add value to your writing. A broad topic denies you the opportunity to provide the finer details that matter in your presentation.


Your topic should stand out in a stack of papers. A reader flipping through numerous papers should automatically pick your paper because it captures his attention based on its uniqueness.


Identify a fresh idea instead of basing your dissertation on topics that have been studied over and over. The old topics do not elicit curiosity in reader because they hardly offer anything new. In case you settle for an old topic, provide a fresh perspective that will make your work captivating.


Your choice of words and delivery of your topic should be captivating. It should ignite a heightened sense of curiosity that drives the reader to peruse beyond the title. The choice of words and their placement on the title should lure everyone into reading the entire paper.

Here is a list of titles you should consider for your dissertation in law.

  1. The evolution of international law
  2. Ensuring that laws on development are aligned to global sustainability goals
  3. Infringements on human rights in the guise of fighting terrorism
  4. The most effective laws to tame gun violence
  5. Enforcing integrity laws for the political class and the wealthy
  6. Is uniform application of international law possible?
  7. The provisions of the law that allow euthanasia without infringing on the right to life
  8. The ethical considerations to guide hostile takeover of non-performing or undervalued assets
  9. When the freedoms of a citizen are taken too far
  10. Ensuring that cyber laws are effective in taming cyber crimes
  11. Outsourced security and the legal implications on the provision of security in general
  12. The responsibilities of police in cases of hostile arrests
  13. When it is legal to deny a citizen the right to own a fire arm

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