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Creating Excellent Dissertation Titles: 15 Good Samples

The heading of a dissertation plays an extremely important role in grabbing the attention of the readers by declaring in a sentence, what the research or the dissertation is all about. It is through the heading that the readers get to know what they would be learning about in the research. A heading can focus on the problem, or its important aspects and even the results. It should not be too long but bear what is required. If one is not too careful while choosing a heading title then it may create anomaly and confusion which would lead the readers to form a misconception about the entire research.

Here are some 15 great titles that you will find effective and exciting.

The words that make the title of a dissertation should be selected very carefully. A dissertation title has a number of components and you have to choose the most suitable ones to make the title. The title gives the readers most primary information on the research and thus it should be composed in a way that summarizes the entire concept in just about a few words.

The readers too have expectations from the dissertation titles so that they know from beforehand what the research is about and what are going to be its main points of research. Therefore a title has to be precise and to the point and must not have any abbreviation that might lead to confusions. Following are a few samples of dissertation titles that can be referred to.


  1. Assessment of the services offered by hospitality industry.
  2. How family firms are more effective and imply to the concept of corporate governance in a better way.
  3. Event Management: The blooming industry of the present day.
  4. How do changes in the financial market influence marketing strategies.
  5. The present scenario in the global music market.


  1. The relevance of the concepts of democracy and autocracy in the present day world politics.
  2. Changing faces of terrorism.
  3. Security influences policy making.
  4. The major threats to the present day non democratic political regimes.
  5. The effects of globalization on the developing countries.


  1. The role of technology in strengthening communications.
  2. Importance of communication at different levels of an organization.
  3. Technology enhanced communication system helps news reach faster than ever before.
  4. The effects television has on students.
  5. The role of technology and communications in handling emergency situation.

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