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5 Unusual PhD Dissertation Topics in Biology

Biology is one of the most complex subjects in science. Not only do they have to figure out how organs and biological studies, but there are literally millions of species to categorize. This makes biology very complex and difficult to learn, but thankfully, the existence of so many species allows there to be a wealth of directions original, high-level research can go it to advance the field. PhD dissertation topics often are weird or unusual, and here are a few of these topics one can choose to write about:

Bedbugs, along with other species of insects, have a practice called traumatic insemination- essentially; the male tears a hole into the female exoskeleton, and then inseminates the wound. This happens mostly in insects, and has been studied intensively in bedbugs. A paper could explore the consequences of this practice, how different species' genders relate to each other, and what kind of strategies and counter-strategies have evolved.

Another interesting topic is animal navigation. For example, it turns out that dung beetles navigate using the stars. Various experiments have shown this, and they surely are not the only animal that does this. What other examples are there of animal astronomy, and what kind of experiments can we invent to show this?

A big field in biology right now is prosthetic and artificial limbs, eyes, and ears. What are the current trends in this kind of technology, and how can they be improved? What is at the most innovative, and what kind of cybernetics can we expect in the future?

Evolution is a complicated subject, and one of the most organic theories to emerge over the last couple of hundred years. In addition, despite the fact that we have removed all apex predators or other animal species that threaten us, humans are still evolving. The question is, where will we go? What are the likely results of continued human evolution, and do these prediction result in the kind of future we want to live in?

The rise of antibiotics has increased the health of humans generally, but there is a justified fear that this can be harmful long term. We select bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics when we use them, creating more and more so-called super strains that are resistant to our efforts. How dangerous are these super strains, and do they represent an existential threat to humanity? What can we do to stop this?

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