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How To Compose A Great Qualitative Research PhD Thesis

What is a thesis?

A thesis is a systematic investigation of a socially relevant research question that can be a contribution to literature and test the skill of a doctorate student to conduct a research. It is a collaborative process, including students, their lecturers and supervisory committee.

How PhD thesis can be a tough task?

Many students consider their PhD thesis as a herculean task. The major reason for this thought is the fact that most of the students haven’t done a research paper before. They don’t know about the guidelines and standards required for the paper. There are students who are scared of the research paper committee and the chief advisor. But once they find the shortcut to finish the research paper, they will love to work on thesis again.

Composing a great qualitative research PhD thesis

Most of the researches begin with a question. The author can think about the topics and theories, he is interested in. Once you finalized the topic, you can search for relevant information and details. After finishing the surveying part, then comes the most important writing section. Writing great qualitative PhD paper demands some guidelines.

  • The initial section in the writing should be about the purpose and significance of the study.

  • The next section is the literature review. This section discusses and analyses previous studies and searches on the topic.

  • Methodology describes and justifies the data gathering method used by the student. This section also describes how you analysed the data.

  • Methodology is followed by findings section. This section addresses the results from the data analysis. The implications of your findings or other literature should not be discussed in this section.

  • Discussion part starts with discussing your findings comparing with the details given in the literature review. Here are cases where you need to introduce new literature. Never give your personal opinion in this section.

  • The final section is the conclusion part. In this section, you have the freedom to write your opinion along with the summary of the thesis. You should also include the limitations of the topic and future scope in this section.

  • Always remember to include the sources you used to find data in the reference section.

These are the basic rules a student should follow to come up with a great paper. In a nutshell, the big work should be divided into formidable tasks and should work on them, individually.

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