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Elaborate Guidelines On How To Write A Master Thesis Proposal

It is important to understand that a thesis proposal is just that, a proposal. You could call it a number of other things. You could call it the sales pitch or the plan an architect might create or even an abstract or a synopsis of what is to come. But it is also seriously important to understand that the better your proposal the better your thesis or dissertation. In fact without a pass mark for your proposal, there won't be a thesis.

So what are some characteristics of good thesis proposal?

  • You will clearly outline the problem or question to be tackled.
  • You will list most of the research material you will tackle.
  • You will explain your methodology.
  • You will list the possible outcomes of your thesis and their importance.
  • You will detail the time frame involved in the project.

A thesis statement is called that because it is the crux of your writing project. Your master’s thesis is all about the thesis statement. This needs to be crystal clear and in as few words as possible. This will come at the beginning or very close to the beginning of your thesis proposal. It must tell the reader everything they need to know about what you plan to do.

You need to convince the reader of your proposal and that you have already researched the research. You need to list the sources of material you will read and refer to throughout the writing of your thesis. Your proposal must prove that you will be well prepared to write on this topic.

And how would you go about writing your master thesis? What methodology will you use? You will need to explain this in clear terms so that the reader of your proposal will have every confidence in your ability to achieve an excellent result.

But what would you expect to discover as a result of writing this thesis? The potential outcomes will be listed in your proposal and the degree of importance of each of these outcomes will also be explained.

And how long would you take to create your master’s thesis. Your proposal will include a detailed time frame including the number of words you propose to write and the date by which it will be concluded. Remember that the quality of your thesis proposal directly impacts the quality of your actual thesis.

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