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A List Of Great Psychology Dissertation Topics To Explore

As the study of the human mind and its processes, there are many sub-fields of psychology that a diligent person can explore if their desire is to produce groundbreaking research. These can be influenced by:

Cultural background

Exposure to certain cultural phenomena can make you more likely to follow similar trends in research.

Access to adequate funding

Even the most amazing idea will not be studied in any detail unless the money that this process requires is available for regular usage.

Faculty support

Most psychology projects are done in the context of a university. These are run by officials. Unless an adequate number of these officials agree to let the project go forward, it will be halted at the stage of the proposal. The student can at that point be made to start all over again and try to fall in line with the objectives of the school.

As a result of these things, the type of dissertation concept that someone chooses to focus on can be very personal. Regardless, the following list represents a fair cross-section of ideas:

  • Can learning take place within states of sleep?
  • Does meditation have the power to treat psychological illnesses?
  • Compared to Jung, how much was Freud’s work impacted by shamanistic traditions?
  • How many human psychological conditions can be found in pets?
  • Does the act of participating in capitalist systems predispose a person to developing neuroses?
  • Are the rungs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs still accurately labeled?
  • Should Shakespeare's “The Taming of the Shrew” be used as a case study on the stages of abuse?
  • Are men feeling more pressure to adopt unhealthy eating habits to keep up with new androgynous beauty standard?
  • Have people with disabilities been subjected to unconscious societal pressures by their exclusion from some community building activities?
  • Are people with physical disabilities treated as sexless?
  • To what extent have members of some ethnicities been made to feel rejected or ridiculed in pop culture?
  • Does shoe shopping light up the same pleasure centers as drug use in women’s minds?
  • What are the psychological traits most common in men who eventually become dictators?
  • Are most people habitual liars and if so what therapies can be applied to curb this?

Some of these ideas will seem to border on parapsychology. This is because everything that is now in the center once was at the fringe.

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