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Composing a Dissertation: How to Avoid the Common Writing Stress

When it comes to writing a 10,000 word research paper or a longer dissertation, controlling stress levels can be difficult. As the due date approaches, students may find it difficult to do anything else in their lives. From sleeping to eating, every waking hour is spent considering changes to the dissertation and the best way to write a particular section. In order to combat stress levels, follow these steps.

Begin Early

A dissertation paper is intended to represent the culmination of the student's learning. For most students, this is the longest and most important paper they will ever create. Due to this, students should begin writing their research paper early. As soon as the project is assigned, students should begin researching the topic and organizing their notes.

Take Organized Notes

During the research stage, it can be difficult to tell exactly what information will ultimately matter. A lot of the beginning research will ultimately be thrown out by the time the dissertation is turned in. Despite this, students should make sure that they take organized notes. They should form a shelf or shelves near their desk that can hold all research materials. Note cards should include the name of the reference, bibliography information and the information. For an extra level of organization, students can assign each reference with a letter so that they can be organized in alphabetical order. Instead of having to write all of the reference information on each card, individuals only have to write the corresponding letter.

Create a Time Table

Another important way to reduce stress is to use a time table. Often, students feel overwhelmed at the start of their dissertation because they see all of the work that lies ahead of them. Even when they are ahead on their work, a lack of a time table means that they feel like their after hours should still be spent on the essay. Students should write down specific goals for each week and set due dates for important parts of the process. By doing this, they can relax after completing each step because they know that they are on track to complete the dissertation.

Get Help From an Academic Adviser

Academic dissertations have been written for centuries. For each student, an academic adviser has served as a source of assistance and guidance. When the student is stuck on a particular task or unsure if they are headed in the right direction, students do not have to suffer alone. An academic adviser is there to point the student in the right direction. If the student is on track to finish their paper, the adviser will be able to set their mind at ease.

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