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  1. Exploring the purpose of the British royal family
  2. How many people actually know the reasons why the British royal family are still in power? Are they really in power? Discuss this subject in detail and speculate on why their position is still necessary.

  3. Child marriages in Africa: Should we be concerned?
  4. The tabloids have reported on various child marriages in Africa of late. Discuss the implications of this on African culture and human society in general.

  5. Impulse control disorders: Variations and possible treatments
  6. Look at some disorders that stem from impulse control and discuss non-medication solutions to solve these problems. Discuss new habits and exercises that can keep this disorder in check.

  7. Female circumcision: A barbaric ritual, or a proud custom?
  8. Look into Middle Eastern cultures where female circumcision is still practised as a means to curb sexual cravings. Discuss the ethical implications of this practice.

  9. How witness protection works and why it is effective
  10. Give a comprehensive explanation of witness protection for someone who wanted to know everything about it. Imagine writing this thesis for a person who was about to undergo witness protection and needed some persuasion.

  11. Has terrorism turned governments into terrorists?
  12. Are there now just too many actions done in the name of terrorism? Is it time to hold the government accountable for using this excuse too often? Argue in favour of this stance and document the steady decline of government accountability.

  13. The science of pornography addiction: Why it’s worse than hard drugs
  14. There’s a lot on the web about internet pornography addiction. Talk about how this new “drug” is affecting men all over the world and what can be done about it.

  15. An exploration of Agoraphobia
  16. The fear of locations and wide open spaces is more irrational to most than other understandable fears. Look into why this fear exists and how the sufferer’s brain reacts to it.

  17. The ethical challenge of old age homes: Do aged members of society feel trapped?
  18. Are we simply locking the older generation away without a second thought? Take this discussion one of two ways and discuss the moral side of old age homes and the people that live in them.

  19. Ways literature changed America: A historical look
  20. Travel down American history and look at direct influences literature had on the culture and politics of America.

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