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A List Of Unused PhD Dissertation Ideas For Marketing

Most PhD programmes will require a proposal as part of your application, but sometimes it can be difficult to pin down what exactly you want to do before you start your studies. To help you find your way, here are a list of unused dissertation ideas for your PhD in marketing. To ensure that nobody will ever write a dissertation like yours, pick one of the ideas below and focus it on your hometown or a brand that you have particular interest in. Although these ideas might be unused, you want your work to remain unique after you have been awarded your PhD.

Online Marketing

  1. The effects of education level on the decision making process in the purchase of mobile phones: a comparison between buyers with different qualifications
  2. The impact of online flash sales on annual profit in start-up businesses: the contrast between high- and low-touch marketing
  3. The association between company leaders’ online presence and the comparison between online and high street sales

Consumer Psychology

  1. The impact of apologies and compensation on consumer satisfaction and actual sales: a comparison between the responses of two companies
  2. The significance of one’s position within a company hierarchy on information processing with regards to consumption of luxury goods
  3. The effectiveness of relying on word-of-mouth to relay marketing messages in towns of different sizes: a study on the marketing strategies of hairdresser chains


  1. The influence of employees’ beliefs in company values on employees’ consumption of goods in the company’s own brand: a case study
  2. The relative importance between product characteristics and brand image on company profit among countries of different philosophical traditions
  3. The relationship between the importance of commission from third-party sellers and the significance of maintaining control over brand image: a look into the factors affecting company sales

Relationship Marketing

  1. The effects of directly engaging the competition in advertisements on customer loyalty in the airline industry: whether direct confrontation is worth the conflict
  2. The effectiveness of loyalty schemes as barriers to switching after store closures: the significance of physical presence in achieving sales
  3. The contribution of relationship-building activities to consumer behaviour in different social sectors: why pop-up promotions work better in some places

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