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5 Reasons Not to Use Dissertation Writing Services

Writing a dissertation is a long, challenging, rewarding process. But, before the rewards come the challenges; endless hours, days, weeks, deciding on a subject; weeks of reading to ensure that the subject is relevant and interesting and understudied; weeks of planning and finally weeks of writing. Sometimes it might be tempting to employ someone to do all of this for you, so that you can get all the rewards and none of the challenge. Why is this a bad idea?

  • No Challenge No Reward
  • The main reason that you should write your own personal dissertation is that there are no rewards without hard work; in order to feel good about having achieved something, such as a diploma or degree, you need to have done the work yourself. There is no way around this!

  • Plagiarism
  • When you write your own work you can be sure to avoid plagiarism and any issues to do with breaches of intellectual property laws and rules. If you hire someone to work for you, there is no way to guarantee that they will produce original work. Your tutor’s, though, will have access to technology for detecting plagiarism, and you cannot use the defence that you hired someone to write your paper!

  • Defence
  • If you do not write your own paper, you will not be sufficiently familiar with it to defend it in front of examiners. Any lengthy writing project will require some form of defence in person, and there is no way that by reading your paper you can rationalise your decision to include or omit certain things.

  • Discovery
  • You will very very likely be found out if you decide to get your dissertation written by someone else. Your tutor will know your style, your level of ability, and will be able to tell if the work that you hand in is not your own.

  • Academic Suicide
  • Getting caught commissioning your work is academic suicide; you will be asked to leave whatever institution you are enrolled at, it will go on your record, and that will end any chance of future academic success.

In short, there is no feeling of achievement without work; spend time and effort and energy and stress on a piece of writing, hand it in, get a good grade, that is where the feeling of achievement comes from.

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