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How to write an effective thesis - irreplaceable tips and tricks

A thesis is not something you knock up in five minutes. The thesis is something you think about it for a long time, research for a long time and then spend weeks if not months in the planning and writing. It is most definitely a major undertaking. So if the adage that if something is worth doing it's worth doing well is true, then you need to think seriously about writing an effective thesis.

It's glib to say that anyone could write a thesis but when the whips are cracking, it takes a clever and industrious person to produce a thesis which is indeed effective. Here are some irreplaceable tips and tricks to help you create an effective thesis.

  • You must make a claim or create an argument.
  • Opinions are good but a thesis is more than that.
  • Expert opinion gives your case a boost.
  • A great conclusion helps make a thesis great.

It's essential you get the right attitude before you do any work on creating your thesis. It is not a book of facts. It is not a document where you list information. The vital ingredient of an effective thesis is that it stimulates debate. You make a claim or you create an argument and then you justify your stance.

The reader needs to be drawn into your thesis. They need to see the point or points you are trying to make and then they must believe in the justification you provide for your point of view. Do not provide a laundry list of facts. Instead create and stimulate discussion about your point of view.

Now it is vitally important that you have an opinion when you create your thesis. Sitting on the fence is not an option. But equally so, it is important that you show the alternatives to your point of view. Being able to list the counterargument and then debunk it is a powerful tool in your weaponry. Use it well and your thesis certainly then becomes effective.

By quoting from experts in the field of your subject, you give weight and gravity as to your writing. Your thesis becomes more effective. Make sure that you cite the references correctly and in full and by choosing such reputable experts, you give your thesis the stamp of being effective.

And finally the all-important conclusion to your thesis is where you do not introduce new material but you do introduce a wonderful summary of what has gone before. You leave the reader in no doubt whatsoever that all the argument you have put before hand is reinforced through your brilliant conclusion.

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