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I Don’t Want To Write My Dissertation: What The Options Are

Your dissertation is one of the most important things in your college career. But like many great undertakings, it requires a great amount of time, and for some that simply is not the case, if you have things happening outside of school. Fortunately there are options available:

  • Discuss your situation with the professor
  • Look at sample dissertations
  • Contact centers that can help you with your dissertation

Discuss your situation with the professor

You will need to let your professor know of your situation, but at the same time let the professor know in advance. You may be able to get an extension, if that is all you need, so be it. If you know you will need outside help, the professor may be able to give you some reputable organizations. You may want to check with the on campus writing center, they may have suggestions for center’s that will be able to help you with your dissertation. But also remember the writing center have people that will be able to help with research, proofreading, editing, and give you place where you can have your paper checked for plagiarism.

Look at sample dissertations

There are many places that have sample papers that you can look at for style, and content. Many of these papers, have not been plagiarized, but have them checked anyway especially if you have to pay for these papers. It is best to look at these papers for style and content, but do not make it your paper, since that will get you in trouble. These dissertations can be used for research as well, but make sure once again, not to have it passed as your work.

Centers for Assistance

There are writing centers available if you have no choice but to have someone write your paper. But you will need to look at s few things

  • Price, do not go with the cheapest. Remember that many of these writing centers use contractors, and sometimes students, so you will not get good quality work. If you are on a budget look at a few, whether online, or in your neighborhood, and find one that fits within your means, but at the same time gives good quality work. Check reviews if the services is online, and talk to fellow students.
  • When you find a writing center make sure to check on refunds in regards to plagiarism, and what their policies are.
  • Have the paper checked for plagiarism by a third party.
  • If you use a center discuss it over with the professor, find out what are the standards, and what is allowed.

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