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History Dissertation Ideas: Topics With Great Potential

What to consider before doing a history dissertation?

  • Ensure that the professor who will be supervising your dissertation process is right for you. ┬áIf not, ask for a new dissertation supervisor.
  • Be prepared to defend the topic chosen for your history dissertation when asked about by others.
  • Do not compare your dissertation writing process to those of friends and classmates because then you will just drive yourself crazy.
  • If there is a time where you feel overwhelmed, during the dissertation writing process do not freak out, just let the panic stage pass by.
  • Do not allow family or friends to distract you during your dissertation writing process. The main reason is because the dissertation is very important for you receiving your degree.
  • When begin writing your dissertation, make a schedule and plan out how you will spend time writing the dissertation.
  • Once you finish writing the history dissertation, a huge burden will lifted from your shoulders.

How to choose a good topic for your history dissertation?

  • The topic chosen for your history dissertation should be some part of history that intrigues you.
  • The topic chosen for the dissertation should be on a history subject that is easily researchable and has enough information.
  • The topic chosen must be one that displays your scholarly expertise on the topic.
  • The topic one selects for their history dissertation should bring out the best work in them.
  • Ensure that the topic selected is not too broad in nature or too narrow in nature.
  • Choose a topic that is original or choose a topic that has already been discussed in other dissertations.
  • If choose a topic that has already been written about, ensure that you put your own spin on the topic.
  • The student must ensure that they choose a dissertation topic that will meet the approval of the dissertation committee.

Here are some good topics to consider for a history dissertation:

  • How has having the first Black President of the USA changed history?
  • What is the true history of the continued conflict in the Middle East?
  • What is the history of the conflict between Israeli and Palestine?
  • How has the USA lost it power since the 21st Century?
  • Who will be the next superpower nation in the 21st Century?
  • What role does the middle class play in the modern day economy of the USA?
  • Why has natural resources like oil caused so many wars throughout history?

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