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How can I handle writing a research methodology of a dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is never an easy task but you can make your life operate with a lot less stress when you follow certain basic rules. The first is to understand the different methodologies you can use in the research activities for your dissertation. Once you know what options are available as far as your methodology is concerned, you choose the one which you feel best suits this particular dissertation.

Remember that you will be required to explain why you chose the research methodology you did choose but you will not be required to explain why you didn't use another type or types of methodology.

How did you get there?

You will be required to explain exactly how you reached the conclusion you did as illustrated in your dissertation. It is not only the findings which you enunciate but also it is the methodology you used to reach those findings. You also need to explain how your findings are both accurate and reliable. Again this comes back to the methodology you choose.

There will be a thesis statement in your dissertation which you will address throughout your writing. The research you undertake will need to be listed and explained because it is this particular research which enables you to test any hypothesis you stating your dissertation.

What is your approach?

You will collect relevant data, you will conduct experiments or surveys or both. You will draw deductions from this activity and you will propose a theory and philosophies as a result.

Now all of these activities are involved in the methodology you choose in the writing of your dissertation. Where would you find the research? What methods would you use to find evidence to support your argument? How would you demonstrate that an opposing theory or view to the one you expressing your thesis statement is not correct?

The strength of your dissertation will be increased, even greatly so, if you are able to demonstrate how a counter argument to the one you are proposing is not strong because of the evidence you have uncovered in your research and using the methodology you chose.

Remember it is not so much a matter of writing an outstanding dissertation, which of course is required, but also that you can clearly explain how you reached the conclusions and deductions you did. As some would say, it is not just the arrival which is important but the details and experiences of the journey you took to get there.

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