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Dissertation Writing Help: How To Avoid Common Mistakes

Actually, the mistakes the college students make when they are writing their dissertation are simple ones that should have been avoid in the first place.  These mistakes are simple ones and if you follow these tips you will write a better dissertation.

Most Common Dissertation Writing Mistakes

  • This first mistake is grammatical errors and typos.  I know what you’re thinking, how can someone turn in their dissertation with grammatical errors and typos?  Well it happens often, probably because they are in a big hurry to get it done and they don’t think about going over it before they hand it in.
  • Having sentences that are too long or too short.  Here is what should be in a sentence; the first kind has a subject and a verb. The next is a subject, verb, and object. Then there is subject, verb, and adjective.  The last two are subject, verb, and adverb and subject, verb, and noun.  These are examples of what you should have in your sentences to make them the right length.
  • Using the wrong word, we know that you want to show your extensive vocabulary but if you use the word wrong or when you use them it makes you sentence sound awkward, it can ruin your dissertation.
  • Going off topic or giving information that isn’t relevant to the dissertation.  This makes your dissertation confusing and you will lose the reader.
  • Make sure all of your references are authenticated; you don’t want to quote something and then find out later that the wrong person said it or that your references are wrong.
  • Make you dissertation sound natural and by this I mean don’t make it sound boring and just have a bunch of scientific terms that are confusing to the reader.
  • Follow the exact format that the dissertation is suppose to be in.  You don’t want to turn in a dissertation that is in a format that isn’t the right one.
  • Follow all of the requirements that were set by your advisor or instructor.  Failing to do so could result in a bad grade or worst you would have to do your dissertation all over again.
  • And lastly, proofreading your work.  Before you hand in your dissertation proofread your work and make sure you get at least most of the errors.  You can also have a friend proofread it as well.  They might find mistakes that you missed.

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