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If you want to write your dissertation with full confidence, using someone's help is vital. This project was created in order to give a hand to one who need it on the way to his PhD defense.

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Dissertation Literature Review

Tasks on writing a dissertation literature review can be more complicated than students first think. They often do not afford sufficient time to completing this assignment in a diligent manner. If you have been tasked with this project and do not have the means to hire a tutor or custom dissertation writing service to help you, then following these steps will go a long way in helping you to succeed.

Recycled information

Something you need to know about a literature review is that is your interpretation of existing information (books, articles, documents, etc). Your job in writing one is to take relative sources and organize them in a way that you can understand better. The next step from here is to relay that information in your own words to the person who will read your review.


Unless otherwise instructed by your professor, use the following order to organize your paper:

  • Introduction; complete with definition of your topic, a reason for the review and an overview of the literature you are reviewing.
  • Main content; discuss the overall theme of the topic, the scope of your general subject and the focus of your particular topic in relation to that subject.
  • Conclusion; sum up the pertinent points of the review and what implications they bring to the area of study. You can also make suggestions for further study.

No contributions necessary

In taking existing information and restructuring it to suit your purpose, you will not be permitted to add your opinion. No new information is needed on your part. Make sure of this when writing a literature review. The information resources that exist are the only means by which you must organize your data.

Watch those quotation marks

Because you are analyzing published information and not creating your own, it can be tempting to flood your review with direct quotes. Avoid this temptation. Your work should be done in your own words as much as possible. Your purpose is to reiterate information in a concise way without copying it directly.

Make A Literature Review Unique

A cake is made from flour, water, eggs and sugar. On their own, these ingredients are dull, but by combining the correct measures and mixing them in the right way, you can create something that is creative and unique. Find a way to take the resources you have been given your assignment on and combine them so that they complement each other and form a new entity.

Do not limit yourself

If you have been given a number of resources to write your dissertation literature review on, do not feel confined to using only those resources. If other pertinent avenues exist, then feel free to explore them too. In doing this, do not forget to reference these additions accordingly.

Bear in mind that you are not supposed to contribute any of your own research in a literature review. However, this does not mean that you are not permitted to seek other sources of the same type in order to make your paper more rounded and complete.

Get yourself a reference

Purchasing a dissertation sample can go a long way giving you means to get your review right. Being able to constantly refer to methods, structures and styles is invaluable to a student who is not accustomed to writing this kind of paper from scratch.

Make a habit of implementing these methods while writing your assignment. Stick to the guidelines you get from your professor and do not be afraid to ask questions if there is anything you do not understand.

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