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12 Good Dissertation Topics For University Students

Writing a dissertation is quite a demanding task for students. There is no doubt in this statement because students do not merely need to pen down a few thousand words on a given subject but keep other important considerations in mind. When you are in university, the expectations of the teachers and professors are higher. They expect you to use more of your own creative skills and assessment to attempt your assignments. You can identify this difference from the way they teach you. When you were in school, your teacher will take time to explain minor concepts and dictate the lecture for you to keep track of it. When you grow up and go to a university, you will not find enough time to keep up with the pace of the teacher. They know what you are capable of because they have taught many batches before you. You will not receive acknowledgment on small achievements like in school because now they expect higher from you

A dissertation is one of these high demanding expectations that teachers and the institute has from you. They need you to sum up your degree and that you have learned so far in a single project. This project is critical because the approval of your degree depends upon it. You cannot qualify for your university degree unless your teacher approves your dissertation. Some students also tend to perform well in such assignments because they want to receive a scholarship or a grant from an organization or the government bodies. It is very important for you to stay objective and choose your topic wisely. Avoid picking something that you are subjective about because the biasness will show in your paper. This does not mean that you do not have to write about your passion, but in simple words, you need to avoid any subjectivity in your paper.

Topic ideas for dissertation in a university

  1. Child abuse and its relation with early marriage problems
  2. The link between financial crisis and divorce rates
  3. Unemployment rates in various states of America and the action of government against it
  4. The pros and cons of Obama Healthcare
  5. The justification for why armed forces receive the highest share from taxes
  6. Insurance policies in 2015
  7. Mobile marketing and digital media
  8. Social media networking sites and small businesses
  9. Obesity and FMCG’s
  10. Mergers and acquisitions
  11. Personality disorders
  12. Social anxiety

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