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Can I Use An Apa Format For My Dissertation?

The answer to the question in the title is a possible yes. Your academic institution or your teacher or professor will decide on a particular format for your dissertation. Different colleges and different teachers have different preferences. Many will say that you can use an APA format for your dissertation. Many will leave it up to you. The point however is that whichever format you use, you must be consistent and accurate throughout.

One important thing to understand about the APA format for your dissertation is that the format itself continues to be updated. There at least six editions of the American Psychological Association or APA format. The style rules basically never change but it's true that there are always improvements and refinements to the requirements. It is very easy to get your hands on a copy of the APA format manual.

If you can't afford to buy the text, there are numerous websites which describe the format rules and regulations in detail. Many of these websites are free and you can see illustrative examples of dissertations using the APA format. Many academics and dissertation writers will tell you that having the APA format book, the manual itself, on your desk and with you at all times is a really smart move.

The presentation must match the content

Obviously you will devote a great amount of time and effort in the planning, research and writing of your dissertation. But so much of your good work will be reduced in value unless your follow the APA format rules as listed. You must remember that the academics marking your dissertation will know the APA layout backwards. They will know how the title page should look, the size of margins, page numbering process and most certainly the way to cite references.

They won’t need to look up the APA manual to check on fonts to be used, the running header and how to position the dissertation heading on the title page. They will know this sort of information intimately.

And here’s a good tip to improve your presentation. Don’t just get feedback on the content of your dissertation. Ask some experienced people to run their eye over your format. A former dissertation writer who knows the APA format well is good. Proofreading covers many aspects of your dissertation. It should certainly include the layout you employ using the APA format.

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