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Tips And Tricks To Help You Get A Free Doctoral Dissertation Sample

A doctoral dissertation is the seen as the cornerstone of any educational discipline. It is an amalgamation of all that has been studied and researched and proof of time well spent withing the halls of academia. For many this is a daunting task because the question of ‘where do I start’ prevents the gears in the brain from turning and initiating production. A PhD candidate may rightfully ask ‘If only I had and example something to inspire me or a template to guide me.’ Here are a few tips and suggestions that you can us to find the right sample for your purposes:

Be open to similar papers

Firstly, there is nothing new under the sun and if you can think it, then believe without a doubt that someone somewhere has thought of it before you. This may make you feel unoriginal but if you want to be able to understand how the sample will relate to your own work it helps if it is on a similar track. Ask around if anyone you know has come across something that meets that criteria.

Do not fixate on your topic if your main intention is to learn how to write

When searching for sample dissertations one should not search strictly for dissertations with the same or similar titles to your topic of interest. Just as there are many ways to say the same thing one should focus on key words or concepts and apply synonyms in order to get the most results. You can also benefit from wildly dissimilar topics as long as they are well written enough for use as general templates

Seek out libraries

If one has access to a university library there is a burial ground where theses are kept for reference. If your university readily grants access to these documents you could simply ask for one that has been marked and recommended highly. Again, if the best sample dissertation you can find is very different from the one you are working on, it can still be of use to you.

Seek out recent graduates

Anyone who has just finished a doctorate should also have their dissertation handy. Consider bartering for access to it.

There may never be a document as complex as your dissertation for you to do again so put effort into it and make it shine.

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