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Selecting A Doctoral Dissertation Topic: 20 Brilliant Suggestions

When you reach the ultimate stage, you cannot take chances. At that stage, even elementary errors can cost your dearly. You have to be methodical and professional from the beginning to the conclusion.

Phrasing the topic

Academically, while writing doctoral dissertation, the buck begins at the topics. You need to be alert to the quotient and man the movement. Here are some considerations you should chew at while selecting the doctoral dissertation topic

  1. Assess the subject – First assess the subject of your choice; scoping your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Streamline your strengths – Now, usher your strengths and jot the areas you are authoritative about.
  3. Go deep – Sieve out areas of greater strengths until you reach an area you are really good at.
  4. The Methodology – Check out whether the chosen area offers enough scope for Methodology.
  5. The mental block – It is preferable if the area is laced with mental blocks.
  6. Extrication – Assess whether you will be able to liberate readers through smart conclusion.
  7. Resources – Check out the potency of available resources.
  8. Strategy – Check out whether you will be able to strategize Methodology and then implement.
  9. Relevance – The topic should be relevant to the general pulse.
  10. Set of theses – Think over whether you have accounted for a potent set of theses on the topic.
  11. Go broad – Assess whether you can map out a slightly broader platform of the topical theme. After all, you need to move from the broader picture to the narrower one in the dissertation.
  12. Assess different topics – Think of at least 10 topics in your streamlined category.
  13. Sieve out main topic – Go on a mission to sieve out the ultimate dissertation topic you will finally work on.
  14. Check the sound – Check the catchiness, resonance and relevance of the chosen topic.
  15. Take guidance from instructor – You should always keep the instructor in the loop regarding the topic you are selecting for the dissertation. His experience is of immense value.
  16. Defense scope – You should analyze whether you can create proper and potent defense for the dissertation or not.
  17. Acute presentation – You should assess whether the topic can be broken into segments to make it convenient for presentation. You should be in a position to convince laymen.
  18. A new light – There should be enough scope to show a new light through the topic.
  19. An emulative topic – The topic should be such that future students may emulate it and current readers may identify with it.
  20. Proofread – After you have made a thorough check, check yet again.

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