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Effective Techniques for Writing an APA Format Dissertation

APA style format is most often used when writing dissertations in any of the social sciences. It makes for in-text citations and bibliographical citations easier to read and understand. The most effective technique for writing an APA format dissertation is to purchase or check-out one of the commonly approved APA citation guides and refer to it throughout. Simply put, these guides are authoritative and will have an example for every question you might have about citations. As a quick reference, however, here are a few things you should always keep in mind when using APA style:

Citations from Secondary Sources:

Brooks, W. Allen, G., Warren, P., & Davidson, R (1995). How to Win the Big Race: Training and (Failing) in Today’s World. Running with the Bulls, 100, 650 – 675.

Citations from an Encyclopedia:

Slackey, P., Claus, R., & Johnson, D (2006). Exercise. In The New World Encyclopedia of Random Facts and Foolish Tidbits. (Vol. 5, pp. 35 – 42). Atlanta, GA: New World Encyclopedia.

Citations from a Published Government Document:

International Office of Sports and Recreation Activities. (2000). Athletic Training in Non-Active Sports and Effects on Dopamine. (DHSRA Publication No. NHV 60-8940). Washington, DC: United States Government Publications Office.

Citations from a Published Dissertation:

DeLacore, Corynn. P. (2010). Essays Written for My Former Athletic Friends and the Families Grew In (Order or Accession Number)

Citations from a Dissertation Abstract:

Callerme, D.J. (2013). Essays in running when you don’t feel like it. National Dissertation Abstracts, 43, 8782B.

Citations from Conference Documents or Reading:

Olympian, Super, & Trainer, E. R. (Eds.). (2003). Proceedings from CCDRI ‘2003: The Second Global Meeting for Athletes with Extraordinary Abilities. Los Angeles, CA: Hyatt.

Citations from a Private Report:

Athletes for a Better Humanity. (2014). How to Be Athletic and Use Unique Abilities to Win at Business (3rd ed.). Salt Lake City, UT: Johannson, Tim.

As you can see it can be a little confusing to follow APA guidelines precisely. But when you reach the level where you are writing a dissertation it’s an absolute must to make sure you follow the rules exactly. If you ever find things too confusing you can always search for online help or get assistance from a personal tutor. Either way is perfectly acceptable, just make sure the help you get is familiar with APA guidelines before committing yourself to his or her advice.

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