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Five great journalism dissertation topics you can use

Ironic as it may be, it can sometimes be difficult to think up a good writing topic to write about. But your journalism course will cover many different elements, many of which can be investigated deeper. For enough material to fill a whole dissertation, consider some of the following topics, or use them to inspire you for your own.

  • Journalist integrity: Writing for the people, or the advertisers?
  • A lot of magazine, newspaper, and web articles seem more aimed at the advertisers than the readers. Have writers and editors become to sensationalist in order to attract advertisers, or are their still some publications that stick to their guns and write for the people?

  • Blogging: Does online blogging still have a place in journalism?
  • Writing an article and writing a blog may seem similar, but there are some fundamental differences between the two. Discuss the place of regular opinionated blogs within a news publication and explore whether it is an outdated practice, or one that will evolve even further.

  • An investigation on how to retain high quality reporting without spending more
  • Retrieving valuable news stories can often cost a lot. Explore ways that quality news can be obtained via affordable methods, and lay emphasis on how people can play a role in this process.

  • Crossing boundaries to get to the truth: Can journalists successfully hunt for the truth without breaking the journalistic code?
  • The line between the truth and ethics has always been a thin one. Look into archived stories when this line was crossed and discuss the moral implications of doing so today.

  • Efficient interviewing tactics: How can journalists retrieve valuable information from experts?
  • A great and interesting topic is always one of interviewing methods. This is an evolving art, so consider writing about how far it has come and what methods are used today. You can go further and look at some of the interviewing geniuses of our time, such as Larry King, Diane Sawyer, and others you’ve admired.

If these fail to inspire you, log on to some journalist blog sites. You’re sure to find tons of ideas from previously written blogs that discuss pertinent issues within the world of journalism. Try to keep your dissertation interesting and original, while taking in all the facts for a well rounded view for your reader.

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