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What Is a PhD Thesis Methodology Section?

There are many important sections to a PhD thesis:

  • Title – this is the first thing everyone will read; you can imagine how important it can be

  • Abstract – this is a summary of your thesis in less than 10% of the length of your thesis. If the reader gets interested from the abstract itself, then you’ve struck gold

  • Introduction – again, this is the beginning of your actual thesis. You want to ease your readers in

  • Methodology – this is what is discussed in this article at length

  • Conclusion – the final nail into your thesis. It tells your readers what to take from this piece of work

As mentioned, this article discusses what the methodology section has and what it actually is.


To put it in layman terms, the methodology explains the procedure you used to get from where you were to where you are. It tells the reader what you did to try and prove that your thesis has value and leads to the results page that shows what data you collected from the procedure itself.


The methodology section normally has a step-by-step procedure on what you did to get the results you obtained. It should be as detailed as possible without giving away the expected (or obtained) results. It should also contain the list of apparatus you used and a description of how the apparatus was used to best suit the procedure.


The methodology justifies your thesis in one way. It shows your reader that you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It works in your advantage if you don’t have to justify everything you do if it’s obvious to the reader and that gives you more marks and a better chance of passing. When you work your way through the results, you will find that having the methodology before that will work in favour of you because you won’t have to explain every data point you obtained.

All in all, a methodology section is important for your thesis simply because it gives your thesis a better structure and flow. It makes easier reading and you are bound to get more marks if your methodology is well done. On the other hand, if you fail to write a good methodology, then you better be prepared for the consequences (and confusion) that follow.

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