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Coming Up With Original Sport Physiology Dissertation Ideas

A degree in sport physiology is designed to give students the technical skills and background to design conditioning programs for students and help them optimize their performance through analysis of performance characteristics. When you are asked to write your dissertation to receive your master’s degree in this field, you will want to make sure that you come up with an original idea to present so that you can make sure to get it approved so you can work on your paper.

The topic that you choose for this project has to be completely unique. Here are some great ways to come up with a unique topic for your paper so that you can get it approved and move on to the research and writing part.

  1. Start with a general topic and as you do your research choose a specific area to discuss. For example, choose a specific sports training principle and see how it has been used at a certain university and how well it has worked.

  2. You can also analyze various exercise physiologists and their individual beliefs and practices. You can analyze one of the newer ones that hasn’t been studied yet.

  3. Discuss how gender differences that occur for various different methods. Discuss how men deal with various programs compared to women. For example, do women athletes respond better to TRX training than women.

  4. Check your text book for real life stories that relate to the concepts. You will see that in a lot of textbooks, they include real life stories in different sections outside of the text.

  5. There are some sources that will list great topics for you to use. Just be aware that you have to change the topic a little. You never know how long the list has been out there and how many students used the topics. If one has gotten published, you may write up your whole proposal just to get it turned down because it has already been discussed.

Here are a few ideas to help you find a topic that is going to work for you. There are so many different topics to write about but you just need to worry about finding the one that is original and adds to the overall knowledge on the subject. When you have chosen a topic, you should look for a dissertation proposal to help you get your topic approved.

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