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MBA dissertation topics-what topic is the best

There are number of ways you can approach the issue of choosing an MBA dissertation topic. The issues or factors you should keep in mind are as follows.

  • Find something relevant.
  • Find something specific.
  • Find something in which you have already conducted studies.
  • Find something unique.
  • Find something in which you have a passion or interest.

A number of MBA students feel that there is a problem with the rapid turnover of topics today. There seem to be new developments happening at a rapid rate and therefore any topic they choose is likely to be out of date or yesterday’s news by the time they get around to completing the dissertation. This should not be a problem.

The fact that there are innovations in business today also means that there are problems or issues which arise from these innovations. The solving of these problems becomes a fertile ground for finding an MBA dissertation topic. Look around for these complexities which have arisen from innovation. So your topic search is not so much for a modern trend in business but rather for the consequences and impact of that modern trend.

You can get yourself into a whole heap of trouble by choosing a topic which is too broad. Even though a dissertation is a major work, by choosing a general topic for your MBA dissertation you are inviting trouble. Narrow the search area with your topic. Make it a specific topic. In fact the more specific your topic, the greater your chance of going into detail. The greater the detail, the more impressive your dissertation can become.

It makes common sense that if you have been studying a certain topic in your years of business studies, you will find an MBA dissertation topic from that particular area. You have a background so take advantage of it. All the years of study in a certain stream of business can pay off when you chose a relevant dissertation topic.

Make a study of what dissertation topics have been used in the past. If you can find something which nobody else has written about, a unique topic, you may well be on to a very good thing.

Finally the old maxim that you write better when the topic is something which really appeals certainly applies in this case. If you can choose a topic in which you have a passionate interest, so much the better.

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