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A List Of Unused Dissertation Topics On Architecture

When finals week rolls around, many professors like to assign research papers. To create a dissertation or research paper on architecture, students must have an original topic idea. Once they have a topic in mind, they can begin to research the topic. Research is useless if the student does not have a thesis idea. Without a topic, they waste countless hours on unnecessary research that could be spent on the actual project. As soon as the paper is assigned, students should start considering a potential thesis.

Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation will generally be the most important project that a student ever works on. It will determine whether they graduate and the quality of job that they receive after graduation. To get a job in the field of architecture, students must spend extra time creating the perfect dissertation. This may include research, outlining, editing or proofreading the document. Even with the best of ideas, the student will need to have a thoroughly edited paper to score a top grade.

  1. Modern Uses of Gothic Architecture
  2. The Effects of Weather on Architectural Projects
  3. Creating a LEED Certified Building
  4. Best Ways to Implement Solar Panels in an Architectural Design
  5. The Rise and Fall of Gothic Architecture in History
  6. How Landscape Architecture Fits Into an Architectural Design
  7. Mixing Solar Energy Concepts Into a Green Building
  8. Building a Structure to Suit the Landscape: Working With the Environment
  9. The History Behind Sports Complexes
  10. The World Fair and Architectural Projects
  11. Innovative Skyscraper Design
  12. Life in the Projects: Ways to Improve Low-Cost Housing
  13. Waterfront Property Development: Styles and Design Qualities
  14. The Small House Movement: Building Cost-Efficient, Tiny Homes for the Homeless
  15. Improvements in Cinema Architecture
  16. Structuring a School to Boost Educational Outcomes: Architecture Matters
  17. Low-Cost Housing Options for the Modern Age
  18. Airport Design's Effects on Quality and Speed
  19. Techniques for Planning Peripheral Parks
  20. Off-Grid Housing Techniques for Alternative Dwellings
  21. Fractal Design in Ancient Dwellings: How Old World Techniques Can Inform the Future

These different ideas can be used for a thesis paper or for a brainstorming session. Each idea can be adjusted to suit an individual's personal interests and talents. In general, students should focus on writing a paper that is in their specific field. A student who plans on creating low-cost housing should focus on a paper topic within this field. Likewise, students who plan on designing skyscrapers should consider similar project ideas. By picking a thesis in their future career field, students can increase the chances that they will be able to work in their desired subject area.

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