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How To Write A Good Dissertation Proposal: Helpful Directions

The dissertation proposal that you are going to submit holds a lot of importance owing to the role it plays in deciding the future of your academics. Whether or not the topic that you have chosen to work on would be accepted by the committee depends on how convincing the dissertation proposal is. You will need to convince the committee that the topic you have chosen have relevance in your field of study and also the main points of discussions and the methodology that will be followed for the purpose of the research. The proposal is also aimed at satisfying the committee that you are quite suitable for undertaking the research work on the proposed topic.

Therefore a dissertation proposal is prepared only to impress the supervisor at the University or the committee that overlooks the admission procedure to higher study courses. A dissertation proposal introduces the committee or the supervisor to the topic and its scope. It explains why you think it is important to conduct further studies on the topic and how the previous findings on the subject is inadequate and incomplete and needs more in depth analysis. Thereafter you would be required to shed some light on how you are planning to go about it and what all resources you would need for the research.

Tips for Writing A Good Proposal

It can be called a good dissertation proposal if it is able to successfully convince the committee to give a go ahead signal. A good proposal must be prepared in the following manner,

  • A dissertation proposal should not be longer than 5 to 6 pages and yet must have all the necessary information required for understanding the scope and importance of the research.
  • Make sure you are confident about the topic first. It should be something you are really interested on.
  • Do not assume that you will be able to complete your proposal within just a few days. It takes a lot of time to prepare a proposal as you have to say a lot of things within a few pages. Thus it is the editing part that makes all the difference.
  • Make sure your proposal has answers to all the possible questions that may arise. Give your best into it and make sure you have it checked by your advisor as early as possible so that you have adequate time in hand to incorporate the necessary changes suggested by your advisor into the dissertation proposal.

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